Friday, August 5, 2022

AI in Patient Care - Who will play the game?

One of the areas where AI was expected and is making progress is the medical field. Recently I came across a scenario where robotic surgery was recommended by the doctor. I discussed in detail what will the robot do. Knowing how AI works, I was concerned if the robot would do the whole procedure. 

The doctor explained how she would manage and guide the procedure.  Basically, they explained to me that it would be like a video game, and they would play it and the robot will be performing the actions. My question was if they knew how the play it well. They assured me that they know it very well. The primary doctor admitted that it is too early to use AI for these things. She was very much interested in this topic and does research on it. We had a good discussion about my background in AI and theology research.

Now that does not mean AI in patient care is not possible. There are many areas where it is being used. AI is improving the efficiency and quality of care on many fronts, starting with administration. AI is being used to help reduce the burden on nurses who have to deal with many administrative and regulatory tasks along with patient care. It can help with greater accuracy with diagnosis as it can be used to evaluate many types of imaging tests  — X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and echocardiograms. 

There are many areas in medicine and patient care that can benefit from AI, but also many challenges.  I came across a few articles which highlight them. If you are interested in reading more about it, please visit the links below. I hope that someday we will see the benefits of using AI in patient care realized more than we see today. This could help people in many ways. For that to happen, I still think a lot of research and innovation must occur before there is confidence in these solutions.

Otherwise, people like me will ask, "Who will play the game - Doctor or AI?" If AI, then I am unsure how confident I will be based on what I know.

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